Since our dashcams only require a powered standard microUSB outlet you have quite a few options to achieve a neat wiring solution in your car.

1. Use the included adapter

The quickest and simplest way to wire up your new dash camera would be to simply plug the included adapter into the cigarette lighter port in your car. The dashcam will automatically turn on when it detects the car supplying power to the cigarette lighter port. The adapter supplied with the Mini 0806 dashcam has a 3m long cable so use this extra length to thread this wire along the top of the windscreen and down the side. Fixing the wire neatly in place may require using the supplied clips in some cars or simply pushing it under some of the car trim. 3 meters is normally long enough to wire around the windscreen, down the rubber around the door, around the back of the footwell and to the cigarette lighter port.

Mini 0806+ charger

2. Extending the included adapter


If you don’t want to permanently sacrifice your cigarette lighter port but perhaps have an additional outlet in the rear of the car you may need to extend the included adapter.

Extending Before: You can find cigarette lighter extenders at Builders Warehouse, Midas, Auto Zone etc and try route this wiring through under the seats etc. You may have to hide the extended port and the included adapter under the seat or carpets or clip it up in the footwell.

Extending After: You could also simply extend the “small” end of the included adapter by using the 1.8m microUSB extender to reach to the dashcam. Remember you can use multiple extenders however this should be unlikely.

Micro USB extension cable 1.8m


3. Use a cellphone charger


You can use any normal cellphone charger with a USB output and the included cable to power the dashcam. If you need a longer cable you can make use of the 1.8m microUSB extender. You can also use the included adapter (dual USB output) with the 3m cable going to the dashcam and the included data cable charging your cellphone.


4. Use the hard wire kit

The hard wire kit is the ideal solution. No wires to worry about in the car and it leaves all of your cigarette lighter outlets available for charging cellphones, tablets, etc. The hard wire kit should ideally be installed by someone familiar with automotive electrical knowledge such as a car audio shop or bluetooth kit installer. This kit would be installed behind the dashboard and simply provide a dedicated outlet right wherever you need it for your dashcam (usually right by your rear view mirror). Note that since the microUSB outlet is the most popular standard it should be fairly “future proof” should you upgrade your camera in future.

Dashcam hardwire kit

5. Use our OBD hard wire kit


Most cars manufactured in the last 10 years or so have an OBD (on board diagnostics) port. Depending on where this is located in your particular car, it may be easier to use this cable to draw power from the OBD port and free up the cigarette lighter. Installing this kit generally wouldn’t require a technician.

Dashcam OBD hardwire kit

6. Use our dual USB hard wire kit

dual usb dashcam hardwire kit

Using the dual USB hard wire kit essentially just gives you 2 powered USB ports in your car. You could either power 2 dash cams from this kit or use the second port to charge your phone.

Dashcam dual USB hardwire kit