Running a dash camera in your car can have many benefits for you and your family but also for society.


The primary reason most people would want to run a dash camera is to protect themselves from blame in case of an accident. This can either be a legitimate accident or in some cases a scam where someone has intentionally caused you to crash into them, either to harass you to cover costs or to scam their insurance into paying out so they can get a new car. There are plenty of videos circulating on YouTube and you can normally clearly see who actually caused an accident.

Another big safety benefit is to deter smash and grab incidents, either for your own vehicle or as more people are running dashcams for any vehicles where the perpetrator might be caught on camera. We also recommend that you install a quality “smash and grab” film on the windows of your vehicle. Using a tint also helps keep your car cool and decreases visibility of “attractive” items such as phones and handbags. It also makes it more difficult to see any possible passengers in the car eg. a hijacker can’t tell straight away that there is a woman by herself in the car at night and this might give your wife that extra split second of hesitation to notice him and get away safely.

Dash cameras also have the effect of deterring anyone soliciting a bribe or harassing you in another way as they will generally notice that there is a camera and rather pick on an easier target. They would normally also have a “calming effect” on anyone who might exit their vehicle in a fit of road rage before anything bad might happen as people would reconsider when they realise they might just be the next viral video on YouTube.

In terms of the safety aspects you can think of dash cameras as CCTV for when you’re outside of the house. Many people have spent tens of thousands on CCTV for houses when half the time no-one is home and the CCTV is only protecting possessions. A dash cam helps protect you and your family which are far more important than any possession.



Onto the more light-hearted side, dashcams are also great to use at any car related events such as race days and breakfast runs to record a “first person view” of the event. Anyone who enjoys game parks and photography will know that when something unexpected and exciting happens right it front of you, it’s always too late to grab the camera out of the bag/take off the lens cover/focus and take a shot. Actual video footage is always going to trump a story that begins “You’ll never believe what happened” because people probably won’t believe what happened until they see the video!



For commercial uses dash cameras can act as a virtual eye witness for any company running a fleet of vehicles or even just a small business with one or two vehicles.

Security companies should all be running dash cameras in their vehicles to capture any altercations that may happen, similar to the police services in some countries.