X-Cable Mini 2

The revolutionary USB cable that just snaps into place.

  • Non-winding braided cable
  • High quality metal construction
  • Power indicator LED
  • Protects your phones charge port

Selecting a Dashcam MicroSD Memory Card (+benchmarks)

With all of the different memory cards, standards and versions available it's sometimes difficult to select the card that will best meet your requirements. MicroSD (and "full" SD) cards are put into classes using standards as defined by the SD Association however the...

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Buying a dashcam guide

As with any new purchase it helps to do your research beforehand. Dash cameras are still gaining popularity in South Africa so most people aren’t familiar with the various terms in the feature list. The below is a list of things to look out for to avoid being disappointed with your purchase.

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Why you need a dashcam

The primary reason most people would want to run a dash camera is to protect themselves from blame in case of an accident. This can either be a legitimate accident or in some cases a scam where someone has intentionally caused you to crash into them, either to harass you to cover costs or to scam their insurance into paying out so they can get a new car.

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Wiring your Dashcam

Since our dashcams only require a powered standard microUSB outlet you have quite a few options to achieve a neat wiring solution in your car.

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